Our Success Stories

Limeroad - Increased their Campaign ROI by 17%
Limeroad is a leading fashion discovery platform focused on women. As any other ecommerce platform Limeroad frequently launches social media campaigns to gain traction. For such campaigns, Limeroad wanted to measure the impact of their campaigns on their audience. Before launching the campaign, we gathered data about the audience that Limeroad wanted to target and helped them in designing the campaign to target the audience better. During the duration of the campaign, we closely monitoring the keywords and hashtags used in the specific campaign to measure the organic traction the campaign was receiving. Monitoring the campaign in real-time helped Limeroad in adjusting the social strategy while the campaign was in full swing. Through this constant measurement and optimization, Rank Me Online helped in making the campaign successful and increased their RoI by 17%.
Neuronimbus - conversion rate by 9%
Neuronimbus was working with one of the leading consumer goods clients who wanted to track their brand mentions and compare their online presence against their customers to understand which strategy is working and what are the areas of improvement. They also wanted to explore various topics on which they could communicate with their audience to increase the brand presence on the different social media and web platforms. We started tracking the brand mentions on the web and their competitions mentions. We also started tracking audience keywords to under their target audience better. We analyzed the different strategies adopted by the competition and using the insights from the audience analysis, designed a strategy for the brand which helped them in increasing the conversion rate by 9%.
PeeBuddy - increase sales by 22%
Peebuddy is a portable female urination device that makes urinating at public places easier for girls. Peebuddy was facing some problems in getting the retailers to shelf their products due to stigma attached with a urination device for women. We identified local influencers for PeeBuddy to spread the word about their hygiene products and directed women to buy it from Amazon. We identified Fitness Influencers who run for marathons to promote the product in that category. We analyzed that there was a need of the product among pregnant women and women with arthritis, so we found influencers in Healthcare industry who were willing to endorse the product for PeeBuddy. We also identified local influencers who were endorsing PeeBuddy’s competitors product and provided PeeBuddy an opportunity to convince them to use their product instead. Since none of the online travel platforms were giving the option of buying PeeBuddy at the time of Booking we found local influencers who travel extensively to use and endorse those products in the local travel groups
Social Kinnect - Increased their campaign RoI by 23%
Social Kinnect was looking to run an influencer marketing campaign for one of their clients in fashion industry. Before the launch of their campaign, we identified the micro influencers in fashion industry who perfectly integrated with the message their client was trying to communicate with their audience. By engaging with influencers who can carry their message to their audience as effectively as the brand itself, companies can harness their reach to broadcast far more meaningful messaging, with much greater impact than they might be able to generate through their own channels. When the campaign was launched on Instagram, we started tracking it. We measured the RoI for each influencer and helped Social Kinnect determine their best performing influencers.